In the fall of 1987, Louis Agresta, an Alpha Sigma Phi brother of Beta Psi chapter (RPI) and Eric Lustig, a pledge from Tufts University, transferred to SUNY-Binghamton. At the end of the following semester (April 1988), the two men met each other and planned to hold an interest meeting with regard to forming a colony of Alpha Sigma Phi at their new school. This meeting, attended by eight people, occurred in September 1988. Two months after this initial meeting CLC John Gibson met with 15 people and discussed what needed to be done for Alpha Sigma Phi to survive on campus. At this time, the Inter-Fraternal Council of Binghamton granted permission for the group to exist as an interest group on the SUNY campus.

Elections were first held in December 1988, with Louis the first president. On January 28, 1989, under the guidance of John Gibson and two brothers from Cornell University, the group was pledged to the seven points. Due to a case of pneumonia, Frank Katz was pledged in February at Cornell. Later in February, five more men were pledged as the Beta pledge class.

Our first attempt at a banquet to celebrate our colony status was postponed due to a campus-wide outbreak of measles, however, on May 4. 1989, with CLC Steve Zizzo and then-Grand-Treasurer Charles Vohs in attendance we were officially given colony status within Alpha Sigma Phi.

On October 31, 1989 the colony was granted full membership into the IFC.

During its existence, Phi Theta was a welcome break from the rest of the Greek system at SUNY-Binghamton. We had a pledge program to be proud of, and the parties at 23 Henry Street were fun but not out-of-control, despite hundreds of people attending.

Alpha Sig at Binghamton had a pretty good track record. We placed third at the first ever Greek Games held on campus in 1991, and our first Bingy 500 raised $1500 for the Broome County Office for the Aging.

Despite all that Alpha Sig added to the campus, we were constrained by restrictive Rush rules and the national fraternity's rule that to charter as a chapter 50 active members were necessary. We were never able to achieve the "magic number", and the colony was closed down on May 8, 1993. The Brothers of Phi Theta had a bittersweet reunion that day as initiation into the Mystic Circle was conducted by Alpha Sig alumni and brothers of RPI for those who desired it.

Our New Beginning....

On May 3, 2003, 4 members of Phi Theta Colony (Tony Gigliotti, Jeremy Tomasulo, John Tilden, and Chuck Yun) were present as the brothers of Epsilon Nu chapter of Alpha Sigma Phi at Binghamton University were chartered and initiated into the Mystic Circle.

On April 16, 2005, 8 brothers (Chris Cohen, Tony Gigliotti, Keith Macklin, Norman Nie, John Tilden, Jeremy Tomasulo, Marty Wiesner, and Chuck Yun) gathered with undergraduate brothers of Epsilon Nu to initiate 11 more Phi Thetas (Stuart Burkhoff, Kevin Carey, Tahir Chaudry, Michael Cherney, Evan Horowitz, Michael Koffler, Rick Kurylo, Jung Lee, Brett Miller, Howard Schwartz, and Brian Smith) into the brotherhood of Alpha Sigma Phi.

Phi Theta 2005

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